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I'm another software developer who loves wasting his time reading papers and trying to reproduce them. Here are my publications.

My research focuses on unsupervised methods of distributional semantic modeling. More generally, my research interests are: Information Retrieval Natural Language Processing Machine Learning Distributional Semantics

On the commercial side, I am working for Blue.Cloud as an engineering leader. Previously, I was the director of software development at Hostamedia. I've been teaching various software design and architecture lectures for BT Akademi and Işık University. My expertise is in maintainable, extensible and reliable software development methodologies and practices such as OOP, DDD, TDD and design patterns.

I'm agile, test infected, and somewhat object purist. I always think and talk about ways of abstracting the technological aspects away from the domain logic. I still value compiled languages/platforms more while tackling the real-world domain complexities.

Here is my CV. Check out my other profiles for further details:
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Please contact me if you'd consider participating in any (opensource/experimental) projects that I run.

Here are what I'm reading these days. Feel free to buy me a book from the list here ;)

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Gokhan Ercan
Istanbul / TURKEY

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