Admin Guidelines

1. Questionnaire Links

2. Data storage

QuestionRepository: Default questions (from AnlamVer dataset) are located in the AppData folder. You can change path of the excel file from web.config file or alternatively you can fetch questions from alternative IQuestionsRepository data provider. Modify DataService.cs class to register your custom data providers(repositories).

AnswerRepository: Users' answers will be stored in the server memory via InMemoryAnswerRepository class. Note that InMemoryAnswerRepository stores information temporarily and the server memory releases on every application restart.Implement your own IAnswerRepository for a more reliable and persistent data storage solution.

3. User Interface and Guidelines

All user interface texts and questionnaire guidelines are from the original AnlamVer dataset. Therefore, all text elements are Turkish.
AnlamVer dataset asks for 1000 word-pair questions in total. Questionnaire consists of two sections (Similarity and Relatedness). Every section includes 500 questions in 25 pages where every page include 20 word-pair questions. Some implementations include hardcoded pagesizes(20), or number-of-pages=25 which you might need to alter manually based on your own Questionnaire setup.

4. Results

You can download all answers of all users from the report page below.

5. Security

You may want to block access to Admin.aspx and Report.aspx pages on production!